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To our wonderful teachers in these unprecedented times, please take care of yourselves and your family. As we all now move into distance learning I have shared some practical tips and will keep this website updated with useful resources.

Don't forget the vast range of resources on nzmaths, including:

  • Take this - thematic learning experiences connecting maths across the strands.

Maths at our house - maths using everyday experiences and resources found around your home.

Student task sheets – a small selection of problems and task sheets for parents to use for home learning

Digital Maths Tools, compiled by Marie Hirst

A compilation of Digital Maths Tools

A collection of simple maths games to play at home or virtually.

Number Sense Routines.pdf

A collection of 5-10 minute number sense routines

Esti-mystery 'Airplanes'.webm

An example of a recorded 'Esti-Mystery' for students

"How to.." videos

Using digital maths tools.webm

How to use digital tens frames & number lines

How to use screencastify to make your own tutorials.webm

How to use screencastify to make your own tutorials.

How to create an interactive google slide.webm

How to create an interactive google slide

Calendar Maths

Calendar Maths Interactive Google Slide

Offline activities - no internet needed.

Online activities requiring internet

Putting the fun into online sessions

If you’re looking for some fun quick activities to use during virtual catch ups with your students.......

  • Play games, e.g.

    • Party games, e.g. Simon Says, Scattergories, Traffic Lights, (e.g. Red= slow motion move, Yellow=clap, Green=Dab), 20 questions, Hangman, Greedy Pig, Bingo, Charades, 2 truths and a lie, Detective (a student has eyes closed and head down. Another says ”It was me” Detective opens eyes and guesses who said it).

    • Memory Kim’s Game show up to 20 items (real or on your screen - hide- record what they remember

    • Barrier drawings, e.g. You describe a simple picture - they draw it, then compare - barrier games - use could use maths focus too using maths language/symbols and shapes.

    • Kahoots (Play in ‘Assign’ challenge mode to have Q&As on 1 screen ).

  • Digital Escape Rooms

  • Invite a surprise guest visit- e.g. the Principal, another teacher. Turn their video off (and rename them) – the students have to ask questions to find out who they are.

  • Go on a virtual tour, e.g. disneyland ride, visit a famous landmark, google earth

  • Tell a joke (2 or 3 people a day)

  • Do armchair aerobics or use Go-Noodle dance Brain breaks,

  • Scavenger hunts, Goosechase

  • Make up a fun celebration dance together and use it for anyone does or says something great

  • Draw together (e.g. follow youtube draw along drawings)

  • Show and tell - favourite cuddly toy, pet, etc

  • Theme days, e.g. wacky hair, hat day, bring/wear something yellow,

  • Talent Show

  • Use a hand puppet

  • There are many more ideas on this padlet

Home Learning TV is back on from Thursday 26th August 2021 from 9am - 1pm on Duke + 1 (Freeview channel 18 and sky channel 504). Previous episodes of home learning TV, lesson plans and supporting materials can be found here,