Maths Made Easy

Practical maths workshops with Marie Hirst and Jo Knox

Making Maths Count

A series of 6 numeracy workshops designed for teachers who are new to the profession, returning after a career break, overseas-trained or teachers simply wishing to consolidate their practice

Session 1: The Number Framework and Using Assessment Tools

Session 2: Getting Started and Teaching Number Knowledge

Session 3: Addition and Subtraction Strategies (and Rich Tasks)

Session 4: Multiplication and Division, (and Rich Tasks)

Session 5: Fractions and Proportional Thinking, (and Rich Tasks)

Session 6: Making Maths Relevant

Venue : Long Bay Primary, North Shore, Auckland

$175+ GST per workshop or $850 for the complete series of six

2021 Dates (nb some changes due to lockdown)

Monday 22 March 9.15 - 2.45

Monday 12 April 9.15 - 2.45

Monday 17 May 9.15 - 2.45

Monday 21 June 9.15 - 2.45

Monday 2 August 9.15 - 2.45

Monday 20 Sept 9.15 - 2.45

Maths Leadership Workshops (11.00 - 12.45)

Join us and maths leaders from other schools in a friendly and supportive community to grow your leadership capability as well as;

  • network with other maths leaders

  • share and discuss hot topics and best practice

  • keep up to date with professional readings, research and events.

The agenda for each workshop will be confirmed termly based on the current needs of the group.

Termly registration $40 + GST per workshop or pay only $100 +GST for the whole year.

North Shore Workshops 2021

29 March* , 31st May, 9th Aug, 8th Nov*N.B. new date due to lockdown

Venue : Northcross Intermediate

West Auckland Workshops 2021

Get in touch if you are interested

Venue : Learning Network NZ

Maths Workshops for Teachers

A smorgasboard of afternoon practical maths workshops for Y0-8 teachers. Choose from a selection of workshops from 1.30 - 3.00 or 3.30 - 5.00. The 3.30 - 5.00 option allows for a whole syndicate or staff to attend.

Designed for teachers to develop:

  • personal maths content knowledge

  • familiarity of the curriculum and learning progressions ·

  • effective pedagogical approaches

Participants will leave with a toolbox of practical resources and ideas that can be easily implemented in the classroom.

North Shore Workshops 2021

29th March* , 31st May, 9th Aug, 8th Nov.*N.B. new date due to lockdown

Venue : Northcross Intermediate

West Auckland Workshops 2021

24th March*, 24th May, 27th Sept*N.B. new date due to lockdown

Venue: Learning Network NZ

Workshop for Teacher Aides

Supporting Learners in Mathematics:

We are excited to announce our new mathematics full day workshop designed for Teacher Aides with supporting learners.

As of July 1st 2020 Teacher Aides can access Ministry PLD funding to attend PLD. (It pays for teacher aides to be released and covers the course cost). Click this link to find out more about funding.

Venue: Long Bay Primary School, Ralph Eagles Place, Long Bay, Auckland

$170 + GST (funding available)

Watch this space for more dates

Setting Up Maths for Success

A workshop for beginning teachers or a refresher for those who want some new ideas for next year.

This whole day practical workshop will weave effective maths pedagogy and knowledge of maths curriculum progressions through three exciting hands-on sessions. Ideal for beginning teachers or those who are wanting a refresher. Suitable for years 0-8.

  • Effective Maths Warm Ups

  • Purposeful Independent Programme

  • First 3 weeks of maths sorted - a complete plan and set of resources to start the new school year.

Watch this space for more dates

Maths Games Box

A portable maths games box set up for a group of 6 students. Each box contains:

6 x squeezy boxes

6 x dice

60 x transparent counters (in 2 different colours)

written numbers chart

4 x sets of digit cards

40 x large ice block sticks

1 x pack of playing cards

$40 + postage & packing

"Fantastic presenters. Passionate & knowledgeable"


"Courses are well facilitated, practical and relevant"

Year 4-6 teacher

"Lots of useful information and practical ideas"

Y0-3 teacher

" Well designed workshop and confident presenters"

Y7-8 teacher