Working collaboratively alongside leadership teams and classroom teachers Marie inspires and provides quality professional development to enhance mathematics programmes for all students across Years 1-8. Marie can customize the PLD support to suit your school’s needs and offers a wide range of after-school workshops as well as coaching, mentoring and in-class support.

Effective mathematics pedagogy

Planning, assessment and moderation

Worthwhile Maths Tasks

Mathematical language and communication

Curriculum content knowledge and progressions

Mixed-Ability collaborative problem solving

Needs-based flexible group workshops

Integrating maths across the curriculum

Accelerating learning for struggling students

Extension for students with special abilities

Effective independent programme

Effective warm ups and number routines

“This is the best maths PD we have ever had! The staff is delighted with the quality of the work done by Marie, both in terms of the content she is delivering and the personal approach to each staff member that is occurring. Thank you and well done! It takes a lot to please my staff.” (Principal)

“The teachers who observed your group sessions today found them so useful and are singing your praises today. The staff meeting was perfect and targeted just what the teachers in our school have been showing difficulty with.” (Deputy Principal)